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Alcohol Awareness Week
Alcohol Awareness Week runs from March 31 to April 4, 2014 and aims to get people thinking and talking about alcohol and how it affects us as individuals, families, communities and a society
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Alcohol Forum Conference
Alcohol's 'Harm to Others' is the focus of this half-day confernce on Wednesday, April 2 at the Convention Centre in Dublin
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National Healthcare Conference
Ireland's largest healthcare conference takes place on Tuesday, April 1 and Wednesday, April 2 at the Convention Centre in Dublin
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alcohol headlines – national and international
Magic pancakes and alcohol don't mix (Video)
Cross-party TDs at least agree on one thing, the need to tackle alcohol abuse
RTE broadcaster Olivia O'Leary reflects on her personal relationship with alcohol and "the true face of our love affair with alcohol" as a society (Podcast)
Alcohol dependence from a child's perspective (Video)
Limerick to hold non alcoholic Paddy's Day events
Listen to Alastair Campbell discuss alcohol-related issues with Seán O'Rourke (Podcast)
THE latest public campaign designed to teach young people to drink less has a slogan that actually promotes alcohol consumption — “Drinking: do it properly.”
The alcohol industry and public health: How the battle lines were drawn
Brazil World Cup beer law signed by President Rousseff
Overturn of the proposed alcohol advertising ban in Lithuania
Two units of alcohol a week risks foetus
School deputy complains over bus-stop adverts
That’s Men: Older people need to be vigilant about turning to alcohol
Davy: Drink and substance abuse was problem in Clare
Alcohol ban ‘won’t damage World Cup bid’
Sydney hospital says alcohol main cause of facial injuries (Video)
Alcohol laws bring lasting change: study
Call for alcohol-free zones in Cork on St Patrick’s Day
Drink 'epidemic' claim as kills one a day for 10 years
This shouldn't be 'normal'
'Major tragedy' prevented at Odyssey Hardwell gig by health workers
There are no 'safe' alcohol limits when it comes to cancer
EU has 'highest' level of alcohol use and related harm
MEP calls for alcohol strategy
Europe under the influence
Standard Drinks Measure Guide (Video)
GPs insist less is more in battle to curb drink abuse
Editorial: So what exactly is a standard measure of alcohol?
We can no longer afford not to put a minimum unit price on alcohol
Minimum pricing for alcohol helps poorer, heavy drinkers
Alcoholic liver disease on the increase in young women
Drinking game tragedy conceals wider malaise
Grocery price war sees vegetable sales up as more spent on alcohol
Difficult choices will have to be made if we want to tackle our drink problem
We need to call time on our attitude towards drinking
Minister pledges new laws to tackle cheap booze sales after NekNomination deaths
Idiotic booze dare isn't fuelled by Facebook but by our drink culture
Necknomination reflects a society that has failed to address its drink culture
Public health: half measures
World facing cancer ‘tidal wave’
New standards agreed for Wallabies after Dublin drinking fiasco
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did you know?
The projected number of new cases of alcohol-related cancers in the Republic of Ireland is expected to double by the year 2020 for women and to increase by 81% for men during the same period read more »
Legislators tackling alcohol harm
Launch of the Cross Party Oireachtas Group on Alcohol Misuse

The Cross Party Oireachtas Group on Alcohol Misuse was launched in Leinster House last week. The informal, all-party group, which is being chaired by Labour Party TD, Ged Nash, is seeking to progress legislation and policy that can help reduce alcohol harm in Ireland, with a particular emphasis on the Public Health Alcohol Bill. The group comprises political representation from across the main parties and will be seeking additional membership and support from TDs and Senators who are concerned about Ireland’s harmful relationship with alcohol and the huge toll it takes on our society.

Alcohol Action Ireland will act as secretariat for the group, through which Oireachtas members will gain access to the most recent expert advice and evidence on alcohol-related harm and the policy solutions that can reduce that harm. Alcohol Action Ireland CEO, Suzanne Costello said they will support the work of the group in whatever way they can. “The launch of the Cross Party Group on Alcohol Misuse comes at a critical time for alcohol policy in Ireland, with the proposed Public Health Alcohol Bill offering us an unprecedented opportunity to begin to address our harmful relationship with alcohol through a number of evidence-based policies targeting the pricing, marketing and availability of alcohol,” said Ms Costello.

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Two key alcohol policy questions answered
Minister Alex White talks about minimum pricing and education

Minister Alex White attended Alcohol Action Ireland's recent seminar, Campaigning for Change - Evidence-based solutions for alcohol harm.

During the questions and answers session, Minister White addressed a very important question regarding minimum pricing:

What will the impact for Ireland be of the legal challenge to minimum pricing in Scotland?

Minister White, Dr Declan Bedford and Alastair Campbell then addressed another-question often asked in regard to alcohol policy:

Is education the best way to tackle alcohol misuse?

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Campaigning for Change
Evidence-based solutions for alcohol harm

Alcohol Action Ireland recently held a seminar for organisations interested in alcohol-related issues: Campaigning for Change - Evidence-based solutions for alcohol harm.

The seminar was held at the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin on Monday, March 3. Those in attendance heard from expert speakers about the challenges and opportunities for those working to address Ireland's harmful relationship with alcohol.

Speaking on the evening were Minister Alex White, Alastair Campbell, well-known from his time as Director of Communications and Strategy with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and Dr Declan Bedford, Public Health Specialist. The seminar was chaired by Dil Wickremasinghe, activist, broadcaster with Newstalk and Director of Insight Matters.

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Self-regulation failing to protect young people
Submission to the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland
In Ireland there is no statutory regulation of alcohol marketing, only voluntary codes. Alcohol marketing, including advertising, sponsorship and other forms of promotion, increases the likelihood that adolescents will start to use alcohol, and to drink more if they are already using alcohol. Due to our lack of effective regulations and legislation, young people are poorly protected from these sophisticated and powerful influences on their drinking behaviour and expectations. The codes themselves do not adequately address digital marketing - one of the most potent channels for target marketing to young people.

Alcohol Action Ireland recently made a submission to the Advertising Standards Association of Ireland’s Code review and proposed some practical and realistic measures to help reduce children’s exposure to alcohol marketing, both online and in the mainstream media. Our submission looks at  why children and young people should be protected from alcohol marketing and advertising and focuses on Section 7 of the Code which covers alcoholic drinks. We also examine the complaints process of the ASAI and comment on the general governance of the ASAI.
Read the submission
Outcomes from our Alcohol and Mental Health Conference
Facing 'The Fear': Alcohol and Mental Health in Ireland
Alcohol's role as a serious risk factor in mental health difficulties, including suicide, self-harm and depression, was examined by expert speakers at a conference held in November 2013 by Alcohol Action Ireland, the national charity for alcohol-related issues.

This Outcomes document, based on the contributions of the expert speakers. summarises the current situation in Ireland regarding alcohol's impact on mental health and what needs to happen if we are to bring about a positive change.
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research and reports
Minimum Pricing of Alcohol versus Volumetric Taxation: Which Policy Will Reduce Heavy Consumption without Adversely Affecting Light and Moderate Consumers?
A study conducted to estimate the effect on light, moderate and heavy consumers of alcohol from implementing a minimum unit price for alcohol (MUP) compared with a uniform volumetric tax. It found that while both a MUP and a uniform volumetric tax have potential to reduce heavy consumption of wine and beer without adversely affecting light and moderate consumers, a MUP offers the potential to achieve greater reductions in heavy consumption at a lower overall annual cost to consumers.
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Young People, Alcohol and Sex: What’s Consent Got To Do With It?
This latest research commissioned by the RCNI has arisen from a prolonged period of engagement and learning in the area of alcohol and sexual violence.The RCNI has sought to understand and respond appropriately to the phenomenon of alcohol harm as it has increased in terms of the experiences of survivors being supported in Rape Crisis Centres and the wider policy focus on the issue.
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Cancer Incidence and Mortality due to Alcohol: An Analysis of 10-Year Data
Alcohol consumption is causally related to cancer of the upper aero-digestive tract, liver, colon, rectum, female breast and pancreas. The dose response relationship varies for each site. This report calculates Ireland'€™s cancer incidence and mortality attributable to alcohol over a 10-year period. Between 2001 and 2010.
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Effects of minimum unit pricing for alcohol on different income and socioeconomic groups: a modelling study
Several countries are considering a minimum price policy for alcohol, but concerns exist about the potential effects on drinkers with low incomes. The Sheffield Alcohol Research Group aimed to assess the effect of a £0·45 minimum unit price (1 unit is 8 g/10mL ethanol) in England across the income and socioeconomic distributions.
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Drug-related deaths and deaths among drug users in Ireland
This update presents figures from the National Drug-Related Deaths Index (NDRDI) on deaths due to poisoning by alcohol and/or other drugs, and deaths among drug users, in the period 2004–2011. The figures in this update supersede all previously published figures.
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A comparison of alcohol sales and alcohol-related mortality in Scotland and Northern England
The rate of alcohol-related mortality in Scotland is substantially higher than other countries in the UK. Yet, data from self-report surveys generally show similar levels and patterns of alcohol consumption. Alcohol sales data enable a more objective estimate of alcohol consumption and show higher population consumption levels in Scotland compared with England & Wales. Estimates of self-reported consumption in northern English cities have been shown to be comparable to similarly deprived Scottish urban areas, yet alcohol deaths were more than twice as high in the latter. The aim of this brief report was to use alcohol retail sales data to assess population levels of alcohol consumption in regions of Scotland and Northern England, and to compare these with levels of alcohol-related mortality.
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