Alcohol Headlines – National and International
Relationship that we need to redefine - Destructive drinking
Prime Time: The reality of binge drinking
Research on the likely impact of and public attitudes towards a minimum unit price for alcohol in Wales
Minimum-pricing for alcohol: Heads of bill on way
Society needs to stop marketing the myth of alcohol and start telling the truth
Clonlara GAA Club are seeking the end of the sale of alcohol in public places inside GAA grounds
Legal drugs cause 75% of poisoning deaths
Teens prefer alcohol brands they know through sponsorship
Demon drink: greatest public health issue of our age
Australia's alcohol problem fills doctors with dread at Christmas time
Alcohol industry “can’t be trusted” to promote moderate drinking, says charity
Dozens of drunk pedestrians injured on Northern Ireland's roads
Get ready for the 12 Pubs Christmas crawl
Roles of Alcohol in Intimate Partner Abuse
Billy Keane: Last of the Lads reveal dangerous side effects of overdoing the socialising
Report shows growing female addiction rates and rise in those seeking help for heroin use
Rules will allow blood samples from unconscious drivers
Alcohol-related harm represents 'top public health priority'
Bill tracking lobbyists watered down
Minimum unit alcohol pricing law on way for Northern Ireland
Head physician interview: Should the end of Arthur’s Day be just the beginning?
Warning on low-cost alcohol as publicans call for minimum prices
Number of drownings falls but alcohol a factor in third of cases
Charities have duty to speak out on social policy
At home, glass in hand, nobody tells you to 'wrap it up'
The ‘Let’s Talk About Drugs’ media awards are launched
Returned Irish emigrants more likely to have problems with alcohol
'Alcohol not a defence to criminal responsibility', judge tells jury
Adolescent binge drinking reduces brain myelin, impairs cognitive and behavioral control
The Clever New Way TV Advertises Alcohol to Kids
One in four people in Northern Ireland would drive after drinking alcohol, study finds
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1.34 million people in Ireland, or 54% of those who consume alcohol, drink in a harmful manner read more »
Students launch campaign to highlight the impact of alcohol on youth mental health

The Union of Students of Ireland (USI) has launched a new campaign that highlights the mental health impact of harmful drinking on young people.

The USI’s new resource on alcohol and mental health,, contains easy-to-understand information on the risks that alcohol consumption, particularly binge drinking, pose to young people, and the impact this can have on their mental health and wellbeing.

As part of its campaign, the USI is also encouraging third level students to lead by example and pass on the truth about harmful drinking and the many problems it causes to the next generation, particularly their younger brothers and sisters.

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Action needed to reduce death toll from alcohol-related cancers

The challenge of reducing the number of lives claimed by alcohol-related cancers was discussed at the Informal Cross Party Oireachtas Group on Alcohol Harm in Leinster House on December 4.

 900 Irish people are diagnosed with alcohol-related cancers and around 500 people die from these disease every year, according to the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP). Alcohol is classified as a group 1 carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and can cause cancer of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, oesophagus, liver, pancreas, bowel and breast.

 Members of the Oireachtas were briefed on the issue by Dr Marie Laffoy, community oncology adviser with the NCCP; Ms Kathleen O’Meara, Head of Advocacy and Communications with the Irish Cancer Society, and Suzanne Costello, Chief Executive of Alcohol Action Ireland.

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Alcohol, Cancer and Your Health
The Irish Cancer Society has launched an excellent new guide called "Alcohol, Cancer and Your Health". The guide provides a comprehensive overview of the cancer risks associated with alcohol and how it impacts on health in Ireland.

There are also tips to help you drink less, which will reduce your cancer risk and result in many other health benefits.
Read the guide
Research and Reports
Creating Customers - Finding new ways and places to sell alcohol, and new people to buy it

“Creating Customers” by Alcohol Concern looks at the many ways alcohol producers find new ways and places to sell alcohol, and new people to sell it to – in the UK and around the world.

The report examines how alcohol is marketed to women (both as a calorie-laden indulgence and as an aid to weight loss), and to particular ethnic groups; and how big drinks companies are working to drive up consumption in parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America where levels of drinking have traditionally been low. It also highlights how the industry undermines it own pledges to encourage the safe use of alcohol.

Whilst recognising that alcohol is a legitimate product, the report argues that the drinks industry’s business imperative to sell more alcohol means it is not well placed to advise us how to use it safely and healthily. It includes a series of recommendations for effective regulation of the alcohol industry and its marketing campaigns, and for ending the industry’s involvement formulating public policy and information on safe drinking.

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Model-based appraisal of minimum unit pricing for alcohol in Northern Ireland
Estimates from the Northern Ireland (NI) adaptation of the Sheffield Alcohol Policy Model-version 3 (SAPM3) suggest: Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) policies would be effective in reducing alcohol consumption, alcohol related harms (including alcohol-related deaths, hospitalisations, crimes and workplace absences) and the costs associated with those harms.
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Impact of minimum price per unit of alcohol on patients with liver disease in UK
A study of liver patients by the University of Southampton shows that a Minimum Unit Price (MUP) policy for alcohol is exquisitely targeted towards the heaviest drinkers with cirrhosis.

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Choosing between different alcohol pricing and taxation strategies: a comparative policy appraisal using the Sheffield Alcohol Policy Model
Policies that increase alcohol prices effectively reduce alcohol consumption, one of the top three risk factors for global disease burden. The aim of this study was to appraise how different alcohol pricing policies balance competing priorities.
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Alcohol Action Ireland Pre-Budget Submission 2015
Alcohol Action Ireland's Pre-Budget Submission 2015 recommended the introduction of minimum unit pricing, an increase in excise duty and the introduction of a social responsibility levy on the alcohol industry.
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Alcohol Action Ireland Pre-Budget Submission Summary
A two-page summary of the key points from Alcohol Action Ireland's Pre-Budget Submission 2015.
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