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Alcohol Awareness Week
Ireland's first Alcohol Awareness Week takes place from March 18 to 22
National Healthcare Conference
The 9th National Healthcare Conference is being run over a two day period on March 19 and 20 at the Convention Centre, Dublin.
alcohol headlines – national and international
Experts Call for UK Wide Tough Action on Alcohol Pricing
Minister warns over alcohol abuse
British Children More Exposed To Alcohol Promotion Than Adults
Minimum pricing ‘must be priority’
Advertising’s role in how young people interact with alcohol
Alcohol counseling may aid domestic abuse therapy
Mental health and alcohol – the elephant in the room
System blamed for low number of alcohol tests
National Off-Licence Association opposes introduction of off-licence levy
Scare tactics may be back in vogue, but they still don’t work
Group says St. Patrick's Day-themed merchandise is offensive
“Phase out advertising and sponsorship of events by alcohol brands that specifically target young people” – Fianna Fail
Gerry Adams: There were some TDs intoxicated on night of promissory note debate
The relationship Between Alcohol, Suicide and Self-Harming
"Everything in the home was driven by the parents’ urge for alcohol and the children were under threat and strict instructions not to speak to social workers"
Social acceptance of alcohol allows us to ignore its harms
My drinking, your problem: alcohol hurts non-drinkers too
‘As a matter of fact, I’ve got it now’: alcohol advertising and sport
Forbidden fruit: are children tricked into wanting alcohol?
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Alcohol and Health Alcohol is the third leading risk factor for death and disability in the EU, after high blood pressure and tobacco read more »
Alcohol Action Ireland gets a new look!
Alcohol Action Ireland's website has a new look and a lot of new content, with a increased focus on our key campaigns.

The new and improved is a user-friendly and comprehensive platform on which Alcohol Action Ireland will continue providing information on alcohol-related issues, creating awareness of alcohol-related harm and offering policy solutions with the potential to reduce that harm.

Have a look at our policy section, alcohol factsand check out our key campaigns for further information.

Let us know what you think of the new website onFacebook or Twitter - where you'll get all the latest alcohol news - and feel free to share your experiences or ideas with us. We would like to hear from you!

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Reducing the harm of chronic alcohol issues: a societal response

Alcohol Action Ireland and Depaul Ireland, which supports vulnerable people experiencing homelessness and marginalisation, will present a seminar focusing on ways of tackling alcohol-related harm next Wednesday, March 13.

Reducing the harm of chronic alcohol issues: A societal response will examine a range of approaches to reducing alcohol-related harm, looking at the issue from a regulatory, legislative and treatment perspective, as well as exploring other harm reduction measures.

The seminar, taking place in the run-up to Alcohol Awareness Week, will be chaired by Professor Joe Barry, Public Health Specialist and Board Member at Alcohol Action Ireland.

As well as Alcohol Action Ireland and Depaul Ireland, the Clondalkin Drugs Task Force will be presenting their work in the area of alcohol-harm reduction.

Download the invite here

RSVP to Jackie Farrell at

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Alcohol Awareness Week: March 18 to 22

Ireland’s first Alcohol Awareness Week takes place from March 18 to 22 next, with Alcohol Action Ireland participating in a week of events focused on raising awareness of alcohol-related harm in Ireland and the policy solutions that can reduce that harm.

A series of events will take place throughout the week including a half day conference entitled,The Power of Local Community in Reducing Harmful Drinking”. This will run alongside Ireland’s National Healthcare Conference taking place in the National Convention Centre Dublin on Wednesday, March 20.

Key products developed by Alcohol Action Ireland will also be launched Alcohol Awareness Week, following on from the recent launch of our latest fact sheet, which focuses on alcohol marketing, including its aim, how it works, the impact it has and what would make a difference in terms of regulation.

These will include our new website,, which provides information on alcohol-related issues and the help and services available to people concerned about their own drinking or the drinking of a family member or friend.

We will also be launching our latest alcohol information leaflet, which will focus on the link between alcohol consumption and cancer and will provide information on how you can cut down on your drinking and reduce your cancer risk. Read the facts on alcohol and cancer here.

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Alcohol Marketing: Getting The Facts

Alcohol Action Ireland recently launched its latest fact sheet, Alcohol Marketing: Getting The Facts.

Alcohol is one of the most heavily marketed products on our shelves, with a total market value of approximately €6 billion in Ireland each year. Alcohol-related harm costs the country over an estimated €3 billion a year. The World Health Organisation has stated: if a country wants to reduce alcohol consumption then it needs to tackle the pricing, availability and marketing of alcohol.

Alcohol marketing, of which pricing is a key component, targets young people and influences their drinking. This briefing document, answers some of the the key questions surrounding alcohol marketing in Ireland.

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International Women's Day
With International Women's Day taking place tomorrow, Friday, March 8, Alcohol Action Ireland is encouraging women to take time out and think about how, when and why you drink alcohol, as well as examining the impact your drinking may be having on your health.

Follow this link to read our leaflet Women and Alcohol: Making The Drink Link

Follow this link to read our policy position on women and alcohol
research and reports
The Burden of Liver Disease in Europe
The past 30 years have witnessed major progress in the knowledge and management of liver disease, yet approximately 29 million people in the European Union still suffer from a chronic liver condition. This report reviews 260 epidemiological studies published in the last five years to survey the current state of evidence on the burden of liver disease in Europe and its causes. read more »
A losing bet? Alcohol and gambling: investigating parallels and shared solutions
Alcohol Concern Cymru and the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPysch) Wales have published a joint report on the links between alcohol misuse and gambling, exploring key policy implications and recommendations. read more »
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