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Reducing the harm from alcohol – putting policy into practice
This one day conference - co-badged by the British Society of Gastroenterology and the British Association for the Study of the Liver - takes place in London on December 9
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Caranua is the new service name of the Residential Institutions Statutory Fund, established in March 2013, to improve the quality of life and well-being of survivors of institutional abuse.
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alcohol headlines – national and international
Drinking too much is in the blood
Facebook fanning alcohol use
Students body withdraws from DrinkAware initiative
Rape Crisis chief backs USI split from drinkaware
Letter: This is not a question of demonisation but rather prioritizing the health and wellbeing of society as a whole
We cannot drink away our sorrows
Canada 'can show us the way ahead for minimum alcohol pricing'
Drinking sparks huge rise in liver disease
Energy drinks plus alcohol pose a public health threat
VIDEO: English Professor of Hepatology Ian Gilmore discusses the effects of regulation and marketing on alcohol abuse
Twitter bans underage followers from alcohol brands
Alcohol marketing in televised English professional football: a frequency analysis
Russia to increase minimum Vodka price
Off the Booze, On the Ball 2014 is launched
VIDEO: Hello Sunday Morning - a movement towards a better drinking culture
Under 18. No Alcohol. The Safest Choice.
Evelyn Gillan: Families not at fault in booze battle
Study shows shocking lack of services available for detoxing alcoholics
Irish near top of OECD table for smoking and drinking
Self-harm over public holidays linked to alcohol, research finds
Dr Geoffrey Shannon calls for ban on alcohol sponsorship of sporting events
Australia drawing a line in the sand over alcohol is an example to follow
Alcohol unit pricing will save many lives
VIDEO: Alcohol and Cancer
Alcohol marketing, football and self-regulation
VIDEO: Jim McCambridge on the influence of the alcohol industry on UK policy
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Alcohol was a factor in four out of ten cases of self-harm recorded in Ireland in 2012 read more »
Alcohol’s role as a serious risk factor in mental health difficulties put under the spotlight

Alcohol’s role as a serious risk factor in mental health difficulties was put under the spotlight at a national conference held by Alcohol Action Ireland, the national charity for alcohol-related issues, recently.

Facing ‘The Fear’: Alcohol and Mental Health in Ireland took place at the Royal College of Physicians on Kildare Street, where a packed conference room heard – through both expert speakers and personal testimony - about the impact that harmful drinking is having on a range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicide.

“It is impossible to be serious about addressing mental health in Ireland without also taking decisive action to tackle our harmful relationship with alcohol,” said Suzanne Costello, CEO of Alcohol Action Ireland, welcoming attendees to the conference, which was part-funded by the National Office of Suicide Prevention.

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The videos from our annual conference

The videos of the speaker presentations from Facing ‘The Fear’: Alcohol and Mental Health in Ireland, as well as the opening address by Minister Alex White, are now available to view on

The conference was held at the RCPI on KIldare Street, Dublin on November 20, 2013. See here for further details on the conference. The speakers’ PowerPoint presentations are here.

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Alcohol is not a solution in which we should expect problems to dissolve
Opinion piece by Dr Bobby Smyth, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and a board member of Alcohol Action Ireland

There has been much debate and discussion in Ireland recently about intoxicating substances and our relationship with them. In the past few days attention has centred on cannabis but in previous weeks the focus was very much on our nation’s favourite drug: alcohol. Even during the debate on cannabis, alcohol was never far from the discussion. The pro-cannabis lobby groups were keen to tell us that their drug wasn’t really any worse than our legal drug.

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Why, with so much to offer, do we insist on thrusting a pint of Guinness into the hand of every notable dignitary that comes to visit?
Among the top six reasons listed by visitors for coming to Ireland in the most recent Failte Ireland tourism survey, alcohol did not feature in any way. 97% of holidaymakers visited Ireland for its friendly hospitable people and 91% for its beautiful scenery. Why then, with so much to offer, do we insist on thrusting a pint of Guinness into the hand of every notable dignitary that comes to visit?
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research and reports
The Efficacy of Minimum Unit Pricing, Fiscal and other Pricing Public Policies for Alcohol
This report was commissioned from CPJ Consultants by the Department of Health. It sets out the issues relating to hazardous and harmful consumption of alcohol in Ireland. It looks at the international experience and policy response and makes recommendations about how the problems caused by hazardous alcohol consumption can and should be tackled in Ireland, with a specific focus on pricing policies.
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Young people and alcohol: scoping approaches to prevent or reduce harm
This scoping exercise by NHS Soctland is intended to provide a national overview of the approaches developed and implemented to prevent or reduce harm to young people in Scotland caused by their own alcohol consumption. Information was gathered from practitioners in the NHS, Alcohol and Drug Partnerships (ADPs), statutory services and third sector organisations and is primarily intended to inform NHS Health Scotland programme planning, resource development and partnership working.
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Unrecognised And Under Reported: the impact of alcohol on people other than the drinker in Scotland
In recent years there has been increasing recognition that harm from alcohol not only affects the drinker, but also affects others around the drinker including family members, friends, co-workers and the wider community. Alcohol Focus Scotland commissioned this research study to better understand the scale and magnitude of alcohol’s harm to others in Scotland. To date, alcohol-related harm has been primarily considered in terms of the consequences to the drinker. This study has specifically focused on the harm experienced due to other people’s drinking to build a better understanding of this under-researched area of alcohol-related harm in Scotland.
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The role of alcohol in young adults’ identity creation on Facebook
Jemma Lennox, University of Glasgow, gave the talk, ‘You want people to say you have a fun life’: The role of alcohol in young adults’ identity creation on Facebook, as part of the Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP) and the Scottish Alcohol Research Network (SARN) ‘Alcohol Occasional’ seminars, which showcase new and innovative research on alcohol use. One of her findings was that although young people might believe that they are independently creating their identities online, this activity is highly influenced by others, including the alcohol industry, who promote drinking as central to the construction of a confident and outgoing social personality.
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